Impey Take Ledd at du

Impey Take  Ledd at  du
BELLEVILLE, Franse (AP) — Pascal Ackermann won the of the du in a SPRINT on Tuesday, Whilst Daryl Impey Claimed the Ledd Thanks to a time bonus. Previous Ledder Michal Kwiatkowska Crashed Toward the end of the 181-kilometer Hill Trek across the Vineyard of the Morgon region Montbrison and Belleville. It was Ackermann's Professionals Victory he Claimed a win at the Tour of Swiss-Romande earlier this season. Impey finished the in Third and has a two- Ledd Over Kwiatkowska

Impey Wins Hills 1st Stages at du race

Impey Wins Hills 1st Stages at  du  race
SAINT-JUST-SAINT-RAMBERT, Franse (AP) — African Rider Daryl Impey won the Hills first Stages of the du on Monday, Feeling unwell beforehand. After Completes the 179-kilometer (111-mile) Valence to Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert in a Lilttel Less 4 1/2 hours, Impey Expressibility at his performance. "Since I Woke up this morning, I didn't feel good. in the (team) I I was not well," Impey, Giving details. "I d myself. To win at the is great. It's a big race." French Rider Julian Alaphilippe